Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Imperial inn Chinese Restaurant 142 N 10th St, Philadelphia 19147

As we enter the restaurant, i am startled by the sound of a security system (chirp chirp..... chirp chirp)
Every 2 mins while i stand then sit in the lobby.
Then we hear loud talking in a foreign language through a door.
We walked through the double doors. I heard a pleasant “hello” and “ table for two?”
The carpet was dusty looking. I heard the loud sound of water coming from the restaurant in an echo as it was nearly empty.
I order the Lychee Duck. with gravy on the side for the white rice.
A wonderful hot tea is placed on the table, some chips and two sauces.
I crab a chip dip it in to this mustard sauce only to find my eyes watering and my tongue burning.
uh OK I assume this is hot mustard and this other must be duck
I opted out of trying the next sauces. 2 minutes later,
our drinks arrive and 5 minutes after that her comes my duck.
Ah yes, I look at the plate and its a half duck fried with old flour
and a heaping serving spoon of this extra sweet sauce covering the duck
and three cubed pineapples.
As I cute into the duck it is tough I take a bite and the sweet sauce
over powers the duck.
Entirely to sweet. What happened to the duck??? I was devastated.
I went on to the rice and gravy. You cant mess up a pot of rice.
The gravy was better than my entree. Though everyone was so pleasant.
The food and the rrestaurant sucked.
I am starting this blog and ones to follow, because i am simply tired
of business in our urban communities taking us for granted and serving up anything they slob together .
With unknowing members of the community who are comfortable with accepting poor service.
We spend good money on clothing entertainment and food just like anyone in any other part of the city.
I am coming to diners, Chinese restaurants, bar and grills, lounges, street carts and all.
Self proclaimed Urban Critic

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