Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Philly Diner Delaware County 51 Industrial Hwy Essington, PA 19029

When we arrived the waitress was pleasant and courteous. We were seated in the middle of the diner far away from any windows. Time about 1am on Friday of last week. We both ordered the Philly Cheese steak i ordered mine with onion rings. Before we ordered we were told that we could not order any entrees at such a late hour. only the fryer or sandwiches. uh ok.... My food comes out and the onion rings are dark and unappetizing ( because the grease really need to be changed) and the steak was over cooked and partially burnt. We felt so unwelcome i was so scared that I double checked my water and drinks for foreign substances...( yeah that deep) We finish our meal I simply bagged mine to throw away and we left. Upon leaving the waitress comes to the window to view us getting into the vehicle as if we were going to bother someones car. ( ARE THEY SERIOUS???) In this day and age ladies and gents yes it still exist. The word PREJUDICE!!! And the food had a nerve to be awful.. too funny

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Essington, PA 19029


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